Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning

professional tile and grout cleaning

Are your tile floors True Pro clean? True Pro Cleaners uses professional tile and grout cleaning methods to tackle the special challenges presented by tile flooring. Moisture in the kitchen and bathroom, where tile is most often found, can leave you with stubborn mildew. Splattering grease from cooking, food spills, and daily traffic can leave an unhealthy, grimy buildup of dirt, mold, and stains.  

You can only do so much with your daily and weekly cleaning. Eventually the tiles become dull and the grout is stained. True Pro recommends professional tile and grout cleaning at least every two years, to restore it to its original luster.

Grout Sealants

True Pro finishes every tile and grout cleaning job with a sealant that protects your tile and grout from spills and dirt until the next professional tile and grout cleaning. We offer a variety of sealant colors to match your grout.