Special Cleaning Treatments

In addition to steam cleaning, True Pro Cleaners offers several special cleaning treatments for carpets, upholstered furniture, and tile and grout. These treatments can protect and preserve your investment in your home.

Spots and Stains


If you have difficult spots or stains on your carpet or upholstered furniture, we can test the area to determine what made the stain and whether it can be removed without further damaging the fibers. To get the best results, it helps if you can tell us what the stain is and how long it has been there. In some cases, we can pre-treat the stain with excellent results. While we cannot guarantee that we can remove every type of stain, we do make every effort.

Pet Stains & Odors


We love our pets, but pet accidents, odors, and stains can be very distressing for pet owners. True Pro Cleaners can treat pet odors and stains with a special neutralizing agent, followed by our steam cleaning process. Bacteria and proteins that cause the odors and stains are extracted, leaving your carpets and furniture clean, germ-free, and odor-free. We recommend frequent cleaning of carpets and furniture and application of stain protection (see below) for all homes with pets.


Stain Protection


Spills are inevitable. With our special stain protection treatment, rather than seeping deeply into fibers, liquid spills bead up on the fabric surface and can be easily blotted. Stain protection is automatically added as a finish to all upholstery cleaning jobs, and is recommended for carpets as well.

Grout Sealing


Every tile and grout cleaning job True Pro does, is finished with a protective sealant that prevents moisture from seeping into grout. Moisture can cause serious problems, such as cracking that weakens the bond between tiles, mildew, and damage to both the tile and the subfloor.