Professional Steam Carpet Cleaning


Is your carpet True Pro clean?

True Pro Cleaners, in Phillipston, Massachusetts,  provides professional steam carpet cleaning services to homes and offices throughout Central Massachusetts.

Your carpet ties a room together, making it aesthetically pleasing, warm, and comfortable.

Over time your carpet traps accumulated dust and dust mites, pollen, soil, food crumbs, spills, and animal hair. Eventually these contaminants are released into your air and can effect your health.

True Pro Cleaners professional steam carpet cleaning process uses hot water extraction to remove the pollutants, helping to restore your carpet to its original beauty and function.

For most families, we recommend annual professional steam carpet cleaning for all of your wall-to-wall carpets, and more frequent cleaning if you have pets.

Each Job is Unique

When the True Pro Cleaners estimator arrives, we ask that you point out any special stains or spills. He may ask about pets and family habits. We can pre-clean tough spots, remove and deodorize pet odors, and finish the job by applying stain protection. For more information about these services see our Special Treatments page.